Who we are as people:

We are people striving to be better. We want to be the people that show endless love, constant care, and consistent appreciation for others. We are easy going, impossible to offend, and accepting of everyone from all walks of life. We love each other deeply and we are happily setting up our first home where we enjoy having family and friends surround us on any occasion. We eat way too much, and if Netflix ever breaks from overuse - it's probably our faults. We love to travel and take any chance we can get to hit the road.

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Who we are as photographers:

We are "responsive" photographers. This means we try our absolute best to marry (pun intended) photojournalism (candid moments, storytelling) with creative expression and client requests. We adjust how we shoot and what we shoot based on each client's personality. We try to respond to client's needs and personalities by making their photos represent who they are. We are not fashion runway photographers, we are no Ansel Adams, and we have never met Annie Leibovitz. Although quality, clarity, and composition are imperative to us - our main goal is to tell your unique story in a way that is completely you. Everything we do on the wedding day, and leading up to it, is an attempt to make your day less stressful and more effortless. We move quickly so you can focus on each other, not on your photographers. We are simply there to make your day less stressful and shoot it as it happens. No tricks, no elaborate setups, no posing for three hours, no crazy model like stances - just you as you are.

Where we learned professional photography:

Let's be honest. Photographers (ESPECIALLY wedding photographers) are a dime a dozen. Literally, every single person we have ever met has a friend that shoots weddings. Some are classically trained in the darkroom or in a college classroom. Others have no clue what they are doing and they are just starting out. We are self-taught and continually learning photographers with years of experience. We don't take learning lightly. We have literally read the entire National Geographic photography manual from front to back. We have been mentored by friends, taught, and been taught. We utilize every ounce of online and real-life education we can. We are experts in our field - but we are never done learning. There is always something we didn't know or something we need to improve on. Outside of photography, we both maintain full-time professional jobs. This allows us to only put love and passion into photography, and not the stress of a need to pay bills. It also gives us business experience, customer service experience, and technical knowledge that helps us out with clients. Furthermore, we haven't limited our training and experiences to just weddings. We have shot as the official team photographers for the FHL Champions, shot for non-profit events, organizations, commercial industries, models, infants, and pretty much everything in between. We have been published multiple times, and I think we won a small local award once. Once our photo was featured on NBC Sports during the NHL playoff broadcast and we screamed like little girls. We have been featured on "The Black Tie Bride", Curbed, & MLIVE. We use these different avenues to strengthen our technical knowledge and breadth of experience, which ultimately makes us better wedding photographers.

What makes us better:

Nothing. We are no better than anyone else. Some photographers will rant about their equipment. They will tell you that they have shot 12,345 weddings - and they know it all. We will simply say that we love learning - and the moment we feel we are done learning is the moment we will stop shooting weddings professionally. We also love photography and the moments we experience with our clients. Being able to do what we do, and meet the people we meet, is worth it alone. We shoot for the opportunities it presents and the people we meet. If the internet crashed tomorrow, and there were no social media to share our work on, we will still be out shooting for the sake of photography alone. It's fun, the equipment is fun, the techniques are fun - but nothing makes us "better" than anyone else.

What its like working with us:

What we offer is a unique experience people never expect. We try to draw our couples closer together. We make the day seem fun and effortless. We laugh with our clients, we make fun of ourselves, and we work our butts off to make sure you are happy. We go above and beyond photography and creating images. We truly want to make sure your day is as seamless as possible any way we can - sometimes that has nothing to do with photography at all - sometimes we are cleaning tables, helping with marriage licenses, or giving cake cutting tutorials. No matter what we are doing, we just want you to have the best day ever. Honestly.

What past clients think:

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