She loves pearls and navy blue, he loves her. We've never quite met a couple that was so mesmerized by each other on their wedding day. See, planning a wedding can be rather stressful, and by the wedding day brides and grooms love each other so much, but are ready to move forward with their adventure. Bethany + Andrew though? They acted like they had just started dating, like nothing would ever get in their way, and they loved with the strength of love that a couple has when they first lay eyes on each other. It was adorable and honestly inspiring. That's what we get out of shooting weddings. A sometimes much needed slap in the face for our own personal relationship. You get comfortable, you talk about mortgage rates and furniture - you forget to be mesmerized sometimes. Bethany + Andrew reminded us to love without hesitation, and to allow ourselves to be enthralled with each other. It's sometimes easier said than done, but these two seem to have this whole marriage thing worked out already and their wedding was still in progress. You are both an inspiration, we loved spending your day with you, and we hope you all love these photos!

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P.s. We have to reign ourselves in a bit with black and white photos because we love them so much - but Bethany + Andrew gave us the "green light" to go black and white. They love black and white as much as we do - so you will notice a much higher frequency of black and white photos in these highlights.