Mary + Pete = Maternity/First Home Mini

Mary + Pete are familiar faces on our site. We shot their wedding, engagement, wedding shower, and baby shower. Beyond being fabulous in front of the camera, they are our dearest friends. Strangely, our lives have been mostly parallel. We planned weddings together, traveled together, watched them buy their first home, and generally have had them with us through most of our major ups and downs. We were there when they first met, and we squealed when we saw an engagement ring. We call them "two way" friends. No matter how bad the week was, and if we have been horrible friends that have been too busy to check in - we always get a text asking how we are and how our day had been. They mean the world to us. We cried at their wedding, we celebrated when Mary got pregnant, and we empathized during the struggles of buying a home. These are the kind of friendships people can only hope for, pray for, or wish for. It's a once in a lifetime thing. We would move mountains for them, and their family, and we know they would do the same in a heartbeat. We love you guys, and we are so excited for your new chapter in life. You are beautiful people with a beautiful new family starting!

*We do not shoot maternity photos, this was an exclusive shoot that we offered to do for our friends. If you are expecting, we can set you up with several great maternity and newborn photographers. If you are getting married, we are the people for you.

With Love,