Our 2015

2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year! Again, we have had the privilege of meeting so many great people - and we really look forward to getting back out there. Our cold Michigan winters are a great time for rejuvenation and rest, but we are excited to get back outside and move A+D Photography forward even more.

This year we will be more local, but we will still get plenty of travel around our great state. We have decided to take only a limited number of events per year to help balance work and life. As you may remember, we both maintain full time jobs that are very demanding - and last year we had no balance between enjoying summer - and working. We spent every weekend traveling and spent very little time focusing on ourselves, or each other.

We faced many challenging scenarios last year, and this has caused us to gain a tremendous amount of experience and growth. We argued, we got on each others nerves, and we sometimes desperately needed more space than a small hotel room would provide; but through the incredibly high stress of wedding photography we have been forged into an unbeatable team that has had a lot of growth (and even more to come). We have been reminded by our clients what love looks like and what it means, and because of this we have learned how to love each other better.

When we stop growing professionally, artistically, and personally you will be reading a post about our retirement from wedding photography - but until then - BRING 2015 ON!

We look forward to laughing, crying, and celebrating with our 2015 clients!

-Anthony + Darci