Springtime Country Engagement - Shawn + Shylah - Port Huron, MI

Shawn + Shylah are a couple that have lived life, and that life has taken both of them through a ride. Their romance and love is real, honest, and full of energy. They radiate a positivity, and a sense of security in who they are together, and individually. A lot of couples we shoot are meant to be together, but Shawn + Shylah are PERFECT for each other. It makes you stop and wonder for a second if everything really does have a purpose, there really is a specific person that you are meant to grow old with, and that all the twists, turns, and mountains in life we overcome lead us to this point of love. 

Shawn + Shylah have an intimate wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, and we are honored to share in these special moments with them!