Shawn + Shylah = Intimate Michigan Woods Wedding

Shawn + Shylah decided to get married in the woods with just them, an officiant, and us. It was incredibly intimate and beautiful. You are reminded, in the quietness of dense woods - or Lake Huron's calm peace inducing waters why we live where we do. It's because it bleeds over into everything we do in life and everyone we meet. Shawn +Shylah married intimately surrounded by nature, and it seemed that nature returned the favor and honored the beauty of their love with a special quietness and respect. Later in the day, Michigan received more rain in that one day that it had all year - but for those moments - everything stopped and paused - everything was quiet, warm, and welcoming.... it was a pure kind of Michigan for a pure kind of love.

Shawn + Shylah got married under our Shoot Down Cancer program that offers free photography to those negatively impacted by cancer. You can learn more here: