Perfect Pure Michigan Fall Engagement

We think everyone in Michigan loves fall. It's the best time of the year! Sweaters come out, beverages warm up, every single leaf becomes a vibrant and colorful display - as if a million bouquets have been set outside. The light changes dramatically from the hot clear blue skies, to these very distinct soft, dramatic and moody skies. The light stays a soft glow all day, and tucks into bed earlier than usual. It's brisk out, the leaves crunch under your feet, and unlike the deafening silence of winter - there is a constant shuffle of dying leaves that make you feel like the wind is keeping its eye on you. 

It's no wonder couples want to have their shoots done during this season. Everything is beautiful! We basically could pick any location and just shoot, and it would look amazing. So, when we pulled into Amanda + Dustin's location, learned that it was an old family farm, and saw how beautiful it was - we KNEW we had a special shoot ahead of us. Michigan surprised us with a cold wind whipping, but it didn't dampen their spirits one bit. 

They had a natural affection & closeness that we usually have to work at bringing out of our clients. For them, they were in sync, adorable, and well... the pictures speak for themselves....