Brynn + Ken = Irish Themed Port Huron Wedding

We were immediately excited for Brynn + Ken's wedding when we heard what their theme was. Vintage Royal Ireland. In all honesty, that wasn't going to be easy to pull off. It's a complicated theme with deep roots and it requires a lot of love and attention. Well, they pulled it off perfectly! I think they had such a beautiful wedding because they are much like their theme: Deep roots with lots of love and attention put in throughout the years. It was so obvious (and we loved it) that Brynn + Ken were madly in love. The way they looked at each other, the way the laughed together; they were in a bubble of beautiful marriage bliss. Sometimes we didn't even want to speak up to layout a photo because we felt like we were going to ruin the moment! We often say this, but people like these two remind both of us what love is, how fun it can be, and how beautiful all of this really is.

Brynn + Ken, THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day. We hope these photos stay with you forever, and that we were able to capture even a fraction of your beautiful and perfectly executed wedding day.

You can see these photos in a gallery format at:

DJ: Ultimate Sounds

Church: Grace Episcopal

Reception: Solitude Links

Makeup/Hair: Agua Azul Hair Salon

*Note to family: This is a small selection of photos. The client's maintain secure access to the full gallery.