Leann + Sol = Rainy Michigan Wedding

Leann + Sol are two amazing people. Sol has a quiet accepting strength and kind eyes. Leann has a confidence and strength that encourages you to be a better person. Together, they make a power couple that you just want to love and support. They have two beautiful little girls who are possibly the best behaved children in the whole wide world, and you can tell that their love extends well beyond each other and into a beautiful family. These two, in our minds, make up the modern day fairy tale that movies should be made about. Real people, with real families, living a real life and sharing unconditional love so freely that you would think they are overstocked on it. 

It was our first all out storm filled wedding. It POURED. Like more than it has all year in one storm that just wouldn't stop. We had our ponchos ready, weather sealed cameras, and two very kind and willing clients that would do anything we asked. They got wet... we all did.. everything did. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, and streets began to fill with water. Yet, there was not a single moment where either Leann or Sol showed any sign of stress. They were happy, fun, and even made us feel at ease. To return the favor for their kind attitude (and the toll the weather took on some of their photo time) we tried to deliver some of our best images ever. Head to www.anthonyanddarci.com/leannandsol to get a better view!