Sara + Donovan = Detroit Engagement Session (Belle Isle)

What do you do on Belle Isle on a beautiful breezy fall day (that was 80 degrees)? You shoot an engagement shoot! We were so excited that Sara + Donovan wanted to shoot on Belle Isle and that the weather turned out perfectly for them! 

We spent the afternoon shooting their engagement session and laughing. Then they asked us out for a drink, and we promptly said, "No." You see, Anthony had his head in the trunk of our car and THOUGHT Sara asked if we KNEW directions to a certain restaurant. He replied, "No." and everyone was confused for a moment (especially Anthony - per usual). 

After the confusion, we enjoyed a great evening with the two of them and got to know them better. They are hilarious, warm, and easy to talk to. 

Lucky for us, we do not have to wait long for their wedding! In February we get to do this all over again at a fantastic location. Stay tuned!