Emily + Eric = Fall Maternity Shoot

To be honest, this wasn't the best week for us. Anthony's grandma passed away, and we were right in the midst of all that comes along with that. We actually left the funeral home to spend time with Emily + Eric so we could keep our word. We had planned this shoot for several weeks, and we just couldn't back out or change it up. It turned out that we had time to step away anyway and it wound up being the most profound and beautiful thing we could have done. 

We left a funeral for a maternity shoot. Let that sink in. We went from reflecting on the end of life, to literally focusing on (pun intended) the beginning of a new life. It was such a remarkable juxtaposition. Now, these sad days are marked with smiles and memories of watching Emily + Eric start their journey of parenthood. The timing, the shoot, the weather, the light, and the people couldn't be any more perfect. 

We are so excited to meet your new baby, and we are fully confident that he/she is going to have some of the best parents in the world. Thank you for letting us share in these special moments.