Donovan + Sara = Packard Proving Grounds Wedding (Detroit - Metro)

This wedding was amazing! Located at the Packard Proving Grounds (a historic site where they made/tested cars and built tanks during WWII), they set themselves up to have an incredibly amazing and unique wedding. Nestled among old cars in pristine condition were small historical details and hidden areas that reminded you of the complex history their venue carried. It, like them, would provide an incredibly beautiful and intricate wedding that left us full of inspiration. 

Donovan + Sara themselves are remarkable people. They make us laugh while allowing us to be our unfiltered and imperfect selves. They have an accepting, calm, and kind presence that draws you towards them like a magnet. They are some of the few people that you come across in life that just leave you feeling better about yourself and life once you leave their company. 

It was an absolute honor to work alongside Bellissima Salon, Rondo String Quartet, Kristina's Catering, Miss Mixology, and the Packard Proving Grounds to help these two have the perfect day. 

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