Big Announcement!

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We have decided to donate 50% of everything we bring in. For example, if you pay $3,000 for wedding photography, we donate $1,500 instantly. Here is why:

Winning the lottery would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? The odds would be about 1 in 300,000,000. Well, it turns out, we all have already won a lottery where the odds are much slimmer. Being alive carries the odds of 1 in 10..... followed by 2,685,000 ZEROS. Picture that number in your head. Wow. What an incredible privilege to experience life! Furthermore, some of us keep getting lucky.

Being alive, having reliable transportation, enjoying a lovely warm home, having a decent education, and having (too much) food to enjoy means we live a life with odds that don't exist. We have won the lottery millions of times over.

For many, "basic" human needs are privileges they will never experience. Children go hungry and never can afford to step foot in a school. They weren't as lucky as we were. They were born in poverty with less opportunity and less privilege than we know and take for granted every day.

So, knowing this and facing it head-on, we have asked ourselves what we can do to use our privilege to help others.

From this day forward we will be donating 50% of everything we bring in through our photography business to reputable charities that have a direct impact. This completely changes the game when it comes to wedding photography, and we believe this makes us a social impact photography company. We are both fortunate that we have comfortable full time "day" jobs, meaning we are allowed to use our photography and time do something unique and impactful. We believe everyone should have access to shelter, food, education, and health care. We think every person has the right to live in equality without discrimination or hate.

We hope you join with us. Enjoy your perfect day, have it captured beautifully, and rest assured that because of you, someone is living this incredible opportunity of being alive with a little more comfort and love.

Help us give back.

Make your wedding mean more.