Erika + Mike = Detroit Christmas Wedding

Erika + Mike - they were two people we drove down to meet one morning many months ago. We nervously sipped coffee trying to get rid of the "meeting new people" jitters, not knowing what to expect. They walked in the door, a good looking couple, a bit intimidating to be honest - then they smiled. The room lit up, and our hearts warmed up quicker. Both of them had personalities that just made you feel at home, not judged, not nervous, not insecure, just...right. We carefully watched their interactions together and noticed how the love between them was different. It was a love that exuded confidence, but in a quiet peaceful way. It was the love where you can instantly fast forward and see two old souls many years down the road still in as much love as the day they married. We knew we needed to be a part of this day, and they allowed us the honor of experiencing it with them. We will never forget this wedding, but most importantly we will never forget that peace filled, quiet, strong love Erika + Mike share. It inspires us to love stronger and be kinder. 

Erika + Mike had an incredibly perfect Detroit wedding with a theme of Vintage Christmas. They nailed it perfectly with class and grace you don't see much today. Please enjoy these few highlights of their big day. You can view them better on their personal webpage at: