Byron + Laura made us feel comfortable right away. We used their engagement session as an excuse to do our favorite thing - drive. We drove to Chicago and used the opportunity to catch up with family, friends, and one of our favorite cities. 

We ALWAYS get nervous before EVERY shoot, and in a way, that is a good thing. It keeps us focused, and it helps us not get too relaxed (aka.... lazy).  Byron + Laura made us feel comfortable, and looking back on their engagement - and susbsequetly their wedding - we don't remember nerves, we remember friends. We remember conversations as we walked Chciago's streets, and we remember wanting to do an extra good time to not disappoint these wonderful people. 

These two are the most relaxed people on earth. They didn't find the perfect "match", they each found a perfect compliment to their already wonderful personalities. We were extremely happy to have them as clients, and we honestly wish them the very best in everything they set their hand to. 

A dear friend mentioned that some of our blogs are starting to sound similar - and we would have to agree with him. It's because we have been lucky enough to work for great people and meet so many wonderful human beings. These are the clients we look for. We aren't interested in a pulitzer - we are interested in people - and we believe that makes us different. 

Enough of the mushy stuff, this is what you came here for! Meet Byron + Laura!