Caitlin + Matt had a beautiful summer wedding here in Michigan. They rented out a retired tree farm which was the perfect venue. They had this sort of separated, secluded, natural feel to their wedding. Like you were dropped in the middle of nowhere in the best way possible. Surrounded by tall, sweet smelling pines, the sunshine and warmth suddenly didn't seem so bad. Away from traffic, and noise, and cars, and limos, it was just them in love with those they love celebrating love. 

This venue provided the catalyst for the feeling of the whole day, which was relaxed and calm. Normally we are rushing from place to place, accomplishing one thing or the next, but this weeding we got to actually talk to old and new friends, sit down, and enjoy the day alongside of this wonderful couple. It was exactly the wedding we needed, at the moment we needed it. 

Matt + Caitlin are another couple that felt like friends by the end of the day. We get lucky like that most times. Their engagement session was no different. We spent a portion of their engagement session talking, and walking through the woods, instead of a high paced fast action shoot. We talked about family, life, and relationships. 

Our entire business model revolves on reducing the stress of our clients through simplicity and we think this wedding captured that in and of itself. So to us, it was a perfect day. The simplicity of love mixed with the calm of nature and the laughter of happy party goers = perfection.

Weddings are such a fun thing to shoot. Not that they aren't difficult or stressful to shoot, but when you stop and look around you notice that every single person is smiling, laughing, drinking, dancing, and socializing. Cell phones fall to the bottom of purses, problems seem to get shoved out of your mind, and insecurities seem to take the night off. Everyone just lives. That's why we keep doing what we do. That's why we loved shooting with Caitlin + Matt. Thanks for being such an awesome example to us!