Dustin + Amanda are good people. We knew that from the moment they gave us cupcakes during their engagement shoot. People that provide us cupcakes are automatically clients we want to have. Joking aside, the warm thoughtfulness of a cute gift after their engagement session tipped us off to the fact that Dustin + Amanda would continue to be friendly, thoughtful, and kind people. This remained true until the very last photo.

Beyond planning to bring us cupcakes, they also planned their wedding day to the most significant extent we had ever seen. Dustin + Amanda had a venue that required them to bring almost everything in (food, decorations, some tables, etc.) They completely transformed a space from good, to downright amazing. They needed every once of planning and careful thought they put into this day, and it showed in the end by producing a flawless wedding (we honestly can't think of one thing that went wrong). 

It was an honor to be a part of their special day, and hope for many more clients with your warmth and kindness. Here's to you Dustin + Amanda (raises a cupcake instead of a champagne glass).