Giving Back

Read about programs and discounts we offer to our community and neighbors. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR PRICING AND CONTACT INFO.

Community Outreach:

We have made it a point to volunteer with numerous organizations, non-profits, and community businesses. We have provided free services to those that make our community better, and we continue to look for ways to make a difference. We are passionate about our State, about others, and about giving back. We have also been rewarded with unique opportunities and experiences which makes the whole process even more exciting.

Shoot Down Cancer:

We offer our All Inclusive Wedding Photography Experience to those whose who have survived breast cancer, are currently battling breast cancer, or who have lost a family member to breast cancer. Breast cancer is a personal issue for us, and we understand how difficult life can be when fighting alongside of someone, or fighting yourself, against cancer. Our hope is to take one worry away from a bride and groom who have been affected by cancer, and allow a bride and groom to achieve a wedding day they thought was impossible financially. If you (or you know someone) who is unable to afford a wedding photographer, feel free to apply below.

*Fine Print: Travel costs may be assessed if the wedding requires long travel or over night stays. Not all applicants will be able to receive the free photography package (only a couple available each year). If we are unable to provide a free wedding, we usually work with you on discounts. We are looking for partners (vendors) to join us. If you are a photographer, caterer, dj, etc. please join us by contacting us. This helps to expand our network. 

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Thanks to our partner Mary Baj Photography for being the first to step up and help expand our network.