Josh + Laura were a very unique couple. They were unique because we were able to shoot their engagement around a year or more before their wedding. This means, throughout that time, we were able to almost feel like friends with them as we followed each other on social media. We also occasionally bumped into each other out in public - and we realized something about them. They were so supportive, kind, and made us feel important - like we were the best photographers in the world. They gave us a confidence boost. We think that is what amazing people do, they make you feel amazing. 


Their wedding was fluid, and relaxed. It felt like we had known them our whole lives, and we didn't want to miss a moment. We laughed with them, we were pranked by their family, and got teary eyed during the "I dos". We are happy to deliver our photos to them, but at the same time we are sad that their wedding is over. 


Congratulations you two! No one deserves happiness more than you two!