It was a quiet morning. Fall was starting to settle into the air, and the trees were agreeing it was time. We showed up and said hello to everyone, and something amazing happened. Normally we run around, stress, and work our tails off all day (which we did) but we did it this time with a sense of peace, a sense of belonging, and a strong family bond surrounding us that you could not help but respect and appreciate. We both stopped taking pictures at one point and sincerely said, "We love this family." It's not uncommon for our clients, and their families, to make us feel welcome - it's something we talk about often - but this was more of an awe struck respect we had. There was so much love between everyone, and we saw that quickly carry over to Megan + Chris. We learned where Megan + Chris were taught about true love. They had a sense of confidence between them, not pride, but a confidence in their love. Their whole day was truly something to remember, it was truly amazing. We shot through sun, rain, snow, and wind - but none of that seems to matter in the end. Watching these two love birds share their first dance with a since of comfort and real love. We think these two will live happily ever after.