Nikki + Cody came to us as strangers. Another couple that booked exclusively online, and aside from a quick video chat, we had never met them. The moment we walked into Nikki's bridal suite, it took all but ten seconds to feel like we had been there with her all week, and known her our whole life. Normally, we make it our goal to relax our clients - but she relaxed us almost immediately. She was welcoming, and talked to us like friends, included us in conversations, and smiled wildly.

Wildly may seem a weird word to use when describing someone's smile, but once you meet Nikki we can't think of another word. Between the two of them, I think we captured more real & honest moments on this wedding day then we have all of our weddings combined. She laughed, she smiled, she cried. She was a human that inspires other humans to be more human. Be yourself, laugh more, live more, have fun more. Be like Nikki.

Cody, on the other hand, was the perfect compliment to her. He is warm and welcoming with a quiet strength and a kind heart. Where Nikki made us feel like ourselves, Cody made us feel like we could remain ourselves. His eyes and smile were kind, and his love towards Nikki powers through every. single. photo.

Together, they made this incredibly fun couple who stole the spotlight on the most appropriate day to do so; their wedding day. As typical this year, it was HOT & humid 95 degree Michigan day. Yet everyone smiled, everyone danced, and everyone partied because when you are around these two, how could you not have fun?

It was an honor to meet you both, to shoot your wedding day, and to capture your love. Here's to you!